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Lili Penkower, Ph.D.

The Transplant Coach   

    Specialty:        I work with people of all ages who are facing or                             who have received a lifesaving organ                                             transplant. My coaching helps clients to make                             important health decisions, get the most up to                             date information, develop strategies to adhere                             to the medical regimen, and to live life to the                                 fullest both pre and post transplant.

    Address:          P.O. Box 49826
                            Los Angeles, CA 90049

    Phone:             (310) 904-9980


    More to know: I worked for thirty years as a social worker and                             epidemiologist at a medical school and medical                             center.  As a kidney transplant recipient, I have                             had personal experience with every phase of                                 the transplant process.

Bobbe Banks Salkowitz, M.A., CCC SLP

    Bobbe Banks Salkowitz, M.A.
    Speech Pathologist

    Specialty:        Voice and communication disorders for adults                                 with particular emphasis on the speaking                                     voice.  My practice includes therapy in accent                             reduction,articulation and memory                                                 enhancement.

    Location:          Near Beverly Center
    Address:          118 North Croft Avenue
                            Los Angeles, CA 90048

    Phone:             (323) 655-6839


    More to know: I have been in practice for 35 years and work                                 closely with the medical profession.


  Kimberly Seidman

 National Parkinson Foundation

    Specialty:         Directing people with Parkinson disease to                                  local movement disorder specialists                                               (neurologists w/special training), helping                                         caregivers network, reaching into underserved                             communities, fundraising, etc.

    Location:         All areas   

    Phone:             (818) 400-2247